I fell in love with Borzois a long time ago. They are simply elegant and lovely. Our Tatiana was a wolfhound, but also a great companion. She inspired me to enter the New Yorker Eustice Tilley contest - and I won! She was also one of my first digital art subjects. I can still see her sitting - or should I say - lying on the green Persian carpet in her favorite room. Her portrait hangs in a prominent spot in our tiny home on Capitol Hill. She's been gone for almost ten years now and her birthday would have been tomorrow. 

Whenever I am commissioned to paint a pet portrait, or a memorial portrait, I think of her and all the joy she brought our family. 

I really love animals and hope I can bring some sense of unique personality to all the portraits I paint. Whenever someone tells me I captured their pet's spirit, it makes me feel really good!