Rather than take the usual promenade, this morning my husband suggested a walk towards the Anacostia River at Yards Park and the Navy Yard. Once we passed through the hustle and bustle of all the people on their way to work and the noisy construction of this urban environment, we reached our destination. It was quite desolate, and quiet - such a sharp contrast to the urban concrete and high rises. So we walked east along the river to the freeway, spotting various water birds and a heron along the way. The docks were quite empty and the battleship is no longer moored by the Navy Yard. The water seems a lot cleaner than the last time we were there. Every so often a jogger would pass us by.  The high walls extend around the entire perimeter of the complex. We walked past a few marines who were participating in some sort of drill. Then we made our way to M Street where the Wagtime Shop is located. We stopped to see my gallery of pet digital art portraits that I just updated on Sunday. The traffic and noise along M street was typically loud for rush hour. We finally made it back home to the quiet suburban neighborhood. What a difference a couple blocks makes. 

On the Anacostia River at The Navy Yard